The invention of tablets has people swooning over the innovative and much more minimalistic design and the ease that comes with it. People started switching from computers and laptops to tablets because they are more portable and lightweight to carry. As the use of tablets became more mainstream, besides personal use, individual and company corporates started using them in commercial settings. These industrial sites include offices, hospitals, hotels, airports, sports centers, gyms, etc.

Geniatech is one of the most innovative companies that manufactures a wide range of industrial tablets that are packed with fun and exciting features. The top three of their industrial tablets are listed down below.  Read till the end to decide which one is the best for you!

1. T962X All-in-one computer

The T962X All-in-one computer by Geniatech is a high-performance tablet compatible with both Android and Linux. It includes an HDMI-input port, allowing you to connect another media device to it, as well as a USB camera. With a variety of screen sizes and resolutions to choose from, the T962X is perfect for industrial use. Its robust materials and VESA mounting fixtures make installation a breeze. Plus, its Amlogic T962X Quad-core High-performance SoC and high-performance interface make it a great choice for businesses that need a reliable and powerful computer. 10-point capacitive touch screen and remote management software make this device one of a kind.

2. Qualcomm 10.1” Touch Screen Monitor

Looking for a reliable and affordable touchscreen monitor? Look no further than the Qualcomm 10.1” Touch Screen Monitor.  This top-of-the-line monitor is the perfect device for those who want a reliable and feature-rich touchscreen monitor. Featuring a Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 processor, this touchscreen monitor is compatible with both Android and Linux operating systems. With a 10-point projected capacitive touchscreen, 2.0MP camera, 16GB eMMc flash storage, and 2GB RAM, this tablet PC is perfect for anyone who wants a richer end-user experience. Additionally, the built-in GPS, Wi-Fi, USB, BT & LAN, and SD/TF card support make this tablet PC perfect for use in any retail setting. Plus, with Dolby HD audio you can experience a theater feel.

3. RK3288 Industrial panel PC touchscreen

The RK3288 Industrial panel PC touchscreen is a versatile and reliable device that is perfect for a number of industrial and industrial applications. With multiple operating systems support, dual screens, and high scalability, this device can be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your business. The built-in tv tuner and Bluetooth connectivity support make it easy to connect and manage your devices, while the remote device management capabilities allow you to keep an eye on your system from anywhere. With a wide range of display sizes and resolutions available, you can find the perfect model for your needs. And with the all-glass capacitive screen, you’ll enjoy quick response times and precise touch control.

Final verdict

There is no doubt that tablets have a wide range of uses in the commercial and industrial sector as it works on a very large scale hence dealing with a huge number of people every day. If you own a company or a business too then you should also consider buying these industrial tablets from Geniatech. List down your needs and then buy the one which fulfills all your requirements. you are sure to get both comfort and profit by getting this upgrade!


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