It’s no secret that Squad Building Challenges are a vital part of FIFA 23. These challenges are usually rewarding and fun to do, but it’s important to know which ones are the best.

There are countless SBCs that you can complete in order to earn rewards like coins and packs, but not all of them are worth your time. If you want to complete challenges that give you the best possible return on investment (ROI), it’s important to know which ones offer the most value for their difficulty level.

Here are some tips on how to know what SBCs are worth doing, when learning of how to buy fut coins:

Know your limits

If you’re a free-spender and don’t mind spending real money on FIFA coins, then you can go ahead and do whatever you want. But if you’re trying to build up your team without spending any real cash, then there are some things that you should avoid doing at all costs. For example, if someone asks for 50 contracts or more on an SBC, then it’s probably not worth doing because most players don’t have enough contracts to spend on that sort of thing unless they were willing to spend real money on them or had already done so before starting the SBC in question

Check Out Active Events

If you want to know the best SBCs for FIFA 23 Coins, you should check out active events. You can find out in advance whether there is something interesting happening by visiting the official website or checking out the forums online. You should also see if there is a new event just starting up or coming to a close soon. It is important to know what event will be available in order to get you started on your path towards collecting FIFA 23 coins.

Don’t Be in a Haste to Complete all SBC’s

There are hundreds of different FIFA 23 sbc’s available and they all have different rewards associated with them. There is no reason why you should rush through them all at once because this can cause you to lose interest quickly and might not even be worth it in the end if you do not get enough rewards from each one. Instead, take it slow and only complete each one when it comes up as an option or when you feel like it

Don’t Assume the Permanent SBC’s at the Start of the Game

At its launch, FIFA 23 had a number of permanent challenges in which you could complete multiple times without any limit. However, after several months, EA decided to remove these challenges and replace them with limited time challenges (LTC). The reason for this change was that permanent challenges were not profitable for EA because players were able to complete them many times in a short time.

Don’t Hurry to Complete any SBC

SBCs can take a long time to complete if you’re not careful. Pick an easy one that doesn’t require too many items, then do it slowly over time instead of trying to rush through it all at once. You’ll get there eventually if you just keep working through each assignment as they come up in FUT while playing games with friends or online opponents.


It is good news to know that you can play FIFA 23 on your mobile device and are able to win rewards while you do it. If you are aware of the best SBCs, then that’s great because there are a lot of them and choosing between them is a luxury only for the select few who know what they are doing. If you want to be included in this new trend where you will be competitive to win rewards in an awesome game, then you need to implement these facts about SBCs. At the very least, these principles will keep you in the game and prevent you from wasting any money at all.


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