There are millions of car enthusiasts around the globe who cannot imagine driving around in a basic, dull-looking car. Their cars reflect their personalities; thus, they customize them accordingly. These devotees will do anything to stand out in the crowd, be it painting the hood, modernizing the interior, or accentuating the headlights. A widespread and easy way to revolutionize the look of your car is to change the rims.

It is quite common to witness black and red rims, black and silver rims, or even blue and yellow ones on the driveways. A few years back, we didn’t have much choice when it came to our wheels, but today the wheel industry has significantly grown, and we have a range of designs and colors to choose from.

Let this article guide you on how to make a statement with the simple task of swapping rims.

Best Color Combinations Of Rims

Black And Red Rims

Black wheels are the most common car choice; they elegantly give a style statement. The likeness of black wheels gives your car increased chances of resale.

Adding shades of red to it changes the overall look dramatically. It gives an element of aggressiveness and excitement to the otherwise elegant appearance.

Black and red alloy wheels made of solid materials like aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized iron, etc., gives durability and an aesthetic look to the vehicle.

Silver And Blue Rims

Silver is generally considered a soothing and refined color and has the property of giving a luxurious impression without overwhelming the car.

Adding a blue touch to it makes the wheel pop out. The silver can have a reflective or lusterless finish; both work well with blue color.

Silver is the default color for most rim lips, as it goes with almost all automobile paint colors. Blue spikes and hub center surrounded by silvery calmness give the car an overall cool and dapper look.

Pink And Black Rims

Now, this is the combination that speaks louder than words about your fashion statement. This contradictory combination may sound odd, but imagine hot pink spikes encircled by glossy black rim lip, picking up speed under your black sports car. What a way to amp up your vehicle!

This combination is specifically for the exhibition of your feminine side. Black gives depth, and pink reflects vibrancy and energy, perfectly resonating with you if you have a sturdy yet edgy personality.

Golden And Chrome Rims

Add a loud and clear Wow factor to your car by adding gold to it. You can go with chrome lip and golden hub and spikes. Colder undertones of chrome complement well with warmer hues to golden.

Mixing metallics was a big no-no in the past, but these days, these two combine to give away a royal aura to the overall car. Envision a black BMW with gold and chrome rims standing against gleaming skyscrapers. Now that’s what I call regal.


Today, fashion has gone beyond limits, and we are exposed to many options to impart in our everyday lifestyle, including our transportation facilities. Colored rims bring a drastic change to the exterior of your car.

Although it is best to take professional service from automobile paint shops, you can easily color rims through paints and sprays, but you should follow proper steps to avoid any mishap.

The best colors for car rims include black, silver, chrome, blue, red, gold, bronze, and green. Whether you prefer an understated look or a sporty one, whatever it is, choose the one that flaunts the shades of your vibe.


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