If you’re looking for a cheap fitness tracker, the Honor Band 6 is the best option on the market.

Since the Honor Band 6 lacks a built-in GPS chip, it’s an imperfect substitute for the real thing. So, instead of starting a workout on the band, you’ll have to do it on your phone like you would with most other phones.

Honor Band 6 Fitness Tracking

Connected GPS is included in the Honor Band 6. If you’re out for a walk or jog with your phone, the band can use Bluetooth to transmit its position data, giving you fairly accurate pace and distance measurements.

On the other hand, most Android phones will not be able to connect in this manner. A GPS signal is not available. Therefore the Honor Band 6 will use its motion sensors to estimate distance and pace instead. The best way to get GPS tracking to work is to start a workout from the phone app.

The Honor Band 6 lacks a GPS module and does not support the installation of third-party apps.

However, it has a decent heart rate sensor and can use your phone’s GPS to track your runs, walks, and bike rides (which, granted, means you have to take your phone along with you). It can also estimate your blood oxygen saturation stress levels and receive notifications from your mobile phone. “In addition, the OLED screen is employed effectively to make the most of these functions.

Honor Band 6 is not flawless, but it is an absolute value.

Using GPS From Your Phone

The honor band 6 gps is the brand’s biggest flaw, and this could be the main reason why some people avoid it.

Connected GPS is a feature of Band 6. This implies that even if it doesn’t have its own GPS signal, it can borrow one from your phone. Finally, the end product looks like it has its own GPS chip as long as your phone is in your pocket.

But there’s a snag in all of this. Using the Honor Band 6 to start a GPS-tracked run or stroll will not work with most smartphones. Simply saying, “no GPS signal, unable to trace path.” Instead, the device will utilize its motion sensors to assess distance.

If you don’t have an Honor phone or an iPhone, you must start the workout using the Health phone app in order to record a map of the path. This isn’t ideal. The convenience of starting a workout with a few buttons or screens pushes a major selling point for fitness trackers.

A fast dive into the health app may not be a deal-breaker if you plan to use your phone for other purposes, such as listening to podcasts or creating Spotify playlists. You might get annoyed at first, but you will get used to it in the long run.

What is the reason for this? Further investigation reveals that the Honor Band 6 health app was last updated in late 2019, Google Play still has a version of this available, but it’s certainly not fresh enough to fulfill a fitness tracker in 2021. However, some users tried downloading it, but this did not help.

A newer version of health apps compatible with Honor Band 6 is now available on Google Play. Just like the previous app, it is simple to use and quite helpful in tracking your daily activities.

Final Thoughts

Honor Band 6 may not have GPS, but it does not mean it is not a reliable fitness tracker. You can still activate it with the help of your mobile phone, as long as it is compatible with the tracker.


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