Washing your deck, house, driveways, and gutters makes the cleaning process a snap. Using a pressure washer machine, you can wash anything from playground, toys, boats, cars, and sheds, among others. All you need are appropriate tools to help you achieve this.

Here are the essential things you need to do your pressure cleaning job.

Adding other accessories boosts work efficiency with a good pressure washer machine. The accessories help in customizing the cleaning solutions.

The critical accessories of a pressure washer machine

The washer nozzles

Many pressure washer nozzles work to direct the spray where you need it to go. While selecting the nozzles, choose them based on the long-range, ease of connection, multifunction, rotating nozzles, and detergent. The nozzle designs reduce cleaning time and boost cleaning power.

Multifunction nozzles

If you need absolute and total control of your cleaning, use the Mi-T-M. These nozzles offer six settings for all the cleaning needs. The nozzles are stainless steel ranging from 0, 15,25, and 40 degrees. They have rinsing options and low-pressure detergent.

Rotating nozzle

The Mi-T-M rotating nozzles work almost the same as the multifunction nozzles. When attached to the machine wand, you only set the timer and save time. They come in zero-degree spray and 25-degree spray coverage.

Extended reach wand

The durable extension wands are lightweight and aluminum models that range from 6″ to either 24″. If you are pressure washing the siding, you can now blow off the mold from the top corner that is far. You only attach one extension and clean the grime.

Extension hoses

Like the above wants, these longer hoses cover a great distance. If you want to be mobile in cleaning, these hoses cover you. their lengths vary from 50-foot lengths to 200-foot lengths. These Mi-T-M hoses have a design that handles a wide range of temperatures and PSI needs.

The cold-water hoses resist all chemicals, and the hot-water ones come with assembled screws for easy connection. All these hoses can withstand a temperature of up to 250 degrees.

Pivot coupler

The nooks, hard-to-reach areas, and crannies can’t match this smart little pivot coupler. These Mi-T-M have three diverse cleaning angles. They connect between the wand and the high-pressure nozzle. They fit on a cold-water pressure washer and handle up to 4500PSI.


Water is great for cleaning but combined with the right cleaner; you are off to go. They are eco-friendly and fit well for use both outdoors and indoors. They are available in 1-, 5- and 55-gallon sizes.

Gutter cleaner

It’s efficient and easy to clean the gutter system. The special gutter cleaning attachment blasts leaves, branches, and dirt away. The machine removes everything that might clog your gutter system. There is no need to climb the ladder to clean the gutter.

Pump saver

The specialized Mi-T-M liquid treatment will maintain your pressure washing machine. The design of the pump saver allows it to flush out dangerous built-up materials, mineral deposits included. It fits on all pressure washer types and preserves the pistons and seals. The pump also protects the machine from damage during freezing times.


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